& Well-being

With our highly technical coated supports, we comply with the strictest technical constraints of the medical sector (fire retardant, antibacterial, etc.) while meeting the needs of hospitals, retirement homes, nurseries or the Well-being sector (mattress protection, medical upholstery, etc.).


A major classic in our leather grains, this sure value provides resistance and sturdiness.

A generic product in our offer, this small and neutral leather effect is a safe and simple choice. It serves as the base for several of our coordinated fabrics.

Cotting’s essential best-seller, this wide, colourful range complies with several standards.

It can be coordinated with Ginkgo and is the vintage motif that can add a touch of originality.

At an attractive price and multi-use, this is a basic in our leather effect ranges.

Indoor/outdoor, this dynamic range with a matte aspect has a flat and smooth grain.

It can be coordinated with Urban. Its very graphic design undulates to become a pointillist decor that could almost be mistaken for a plain effect.

A reference in the medical environment, this plain-effect fabric comes in a bright and colourful range.

Very trendy, this textile effect’s wide range of colours will cover your surfaces.


PU on polyester support.

PU on cotton support.

Antistatic for operating tables.

Tonic and spirited, this range was specifically designed for Spas and Gyms.

Special for small children and Phthalate-free, this bright range can also be used in hospitality establishments.