What about the future?

usine griffine

Coated fabrics are products of the future, because they position themselves as a direct replacement for leather (aspect, handle, finishing and an excellent resistance over time), while offering the advantages of an industrial product: coated fabrics are efficient ones that make easy manufacturing or installation possible without generating a lot of fabric scraps. As they do not use animal products, they are completely Vegan.

With regards to environmental protection, Emmanuel Le Grand, Cotting’s Managing Director, explains: “It is necessary to further our research in new materials and processes so that we can decrease our impact on the environment even more and thus continue our quest for excellence.

In collaboration with the design office Carlin International, we have also intensified the development of our collections’ style as well as the search for new structures, in order to become a true “designer”. Lastly, we foresee increasing our international sales and marketing presence.

We will continue using all our know-how and experience (of over 70 years!) to build a positive and dynamic future around quality, creativity, innovation and service, all the while maintaining our respect for people and the environment.”