If colour is a wave from a physics point of view, it is also an element heavy with symbolism, a true marker of society. When colours stand for values, they give a new sense to our daily lives. Is it by luck that we see “red”, that we are “green” with envy, that we are scared “green”, that we are “red” with anger or “white” as a sheet…
Does colour rhyme with emotions? Is our way of interpreting hues and materials that simple? The interaction between colour and materials often plays with our perceptions. Depending on their properties to reflect, absorb or emit light’s electromagnetic rays
The big news in the European automobile sector was PSA’s acquisition of Opel,

Cotting & Vegan:

What is Vegan? Today, we often hear about Veganism. The world is moving towards a society that is more protective of the environment and, through a “snow ball” effect, is leaning towards Veganism.
Back from Heimtextil where Cotting, as always, welcomed several distributors, manufacturers and decision makers, we are now focusing on the major trends of this year’s early trade shows, which are undergoing major changes. Year in and year out, this has been the case and looks that seemed to be out of style or avant-garde ones are now essential.