Made in France, made in Nucourt

usine griffine

In 1947, Jean Leducq, founder of the Blanchisseries de Pantin  (laundry services, the Elis Group), creates the Griffine Company. After asking a Czech friend, he chooses the name Griffine which, in Czech, means “resistance to a cat’s claws”. The plant is set up in Nucourt, where it still stands today and whose buildings will be enlarged as the company grows.

In 1968, the Sovay Group acquires Griffine and, four years later, the Griffine Company merges with the Maréchal establishments and becomes the Griffine Maréchal Company. In 1991, Griffine Maréchal splits into two entities, giving birth to Griffine and Venilia.


Mecaseat and the Cotting Group:

In 1997, the Mecaseat Group, the leading European manufacturer of mechanical metal systems for convertible beds and sofas, acquires the Griffine Enduction Company from the Solvay Group. Today, the Cotting Group is comprised of two production entities: Griffine Enduction (Furniture, Automobile, etc.) and Plastibert (technical and medical products).