A new Cotting site and an identity in phase with the Group.


The Cotting Group is one of the only international groups to have such a wide range of products while specialising in each area:

rond_auto     Automotive

rond_confection    Manufacturing & Leather Goods

rond_industrie    Industry

rond_sante    Health & Well-being

rond_ameublement    Furniture

This transversality enhances and contributes to each sector, whether through creation, technical innovations or the exchange of know-how and experience among collaborators.
It was not only important for us to clarify this state of fact, but to highlight the idea that Cotting is a human-oriented group, which focuses on value added products and maintains a close relationship with its customers.

We have created coloured pictograms that make it possible to identify each sector,
and that are visible on the web site’s home page, as well as a graphic code that is easily understood.

This new graphic code has also been integrated into the overall identity of the Cotting Group:
The colour points of the logo not only recall the diversity of the Group’s sectors, but also highlight the sum of expertise the Group is based on.