Interview with Vincent Pressoir, production site manager of Griffine Enduction / COTTING Group


Some major work has been carried out at the Nucourt production site since the summer of 2018. Can you explain to us why?


It was triggered by Griffine’s market position and the desire to meet high demand from our customers. We’re at our maximum limit in terms of capacity load. So we have a real need to increase our production capacity in order to adjust to demand and react more quickly. Because of our product types we had to identify the bottlenecks and envisage a whole series of step-by-step improvements that will enable us to develop properly and satisfy demand.


So what does that entail in concrete terms?

We have 4 production workshops. To increase our site’s production capacity, we need to expand one of them, the finishing workshop.



What is meant by finishing?

Our products are manufactured in 2 stages: a coating phase when a layer of coloured PVC or PU is applied to the textile, before it moves to the finishing stage. Finishing is the phase where we can individualise our products by enhancing their appearance, touch, feel and originality, or print motifs on them, often through tricky dyeing procedures, etc.



What have you done or are you planning to do in terms of work and investment?

This workshop has 4 lines. We already did some work on one line in the summer of 2018, with results that have fully satisfied our expectations.

During summer 2019, we concentrated our efforts on another finishing line to reduce the time required to finish each product. This represents an enormous time saving.

It required us to invest in a new machine and we have already increased our capacity. At the same time, we also carried out some preparatory work on another line, with the same objective of increasing our product finishing capacity.


This work was successfully completed in time to allow a perfectly smooth restart of work on our first day back in September.


I imagine you’ve set a precise target in terms of capacity, is that right?

Indeed, our ultimate goal for January 2020 is to achieve a 10% increase in capacity and in the number of commercial-width metres sold per year. Work for summer 2020 on the last finishing line is already in the pipeline. 


In conclusion, thanks to our investments and the support of our shareholders, our production capacity will have increased by 15.6% in comparison with our average production of the last 7 years.