The softness and visual comfort of textile to enhance all your spaces
Flanel Paon
Flanel - Paon
Flanel Eucalyptus
Flanel - Eucalyptus
Flanel Jade
Flanel - Jade
Flanel Citronnelle
Flanel - Citronnelle
Flanel Maracuja
Flanel - Maracuja
Flanel Glycine
Flanel - Glycine
Flanel Litchi
Flanel - Litchi
Flanel Sanguine
Flanel - Sanguine
Flanel Mangue
Flanel - Mangue
Flanel Ecorce
Flanel - Ecorce
Flanel Lin
Flanel - Lin
Flanel Ecru
Flanel - Ecru
Flanel Chanvre
Flanel - Chanvre
Flanel Feutrine
Flanel - Feutrine
Flanel Pitaya
Flanel - Pitaya
Flanel Brume
Flanel - Brume
Flanel Réglisse
Flanel - Réglisse