Creation and

The design and development of new products is part of our know-how. Our Cotting design office creates new coated fabric collections by anticipating trends and our customers’ needs. It acts as a guaranty for the evolution of products, and, with the sales and marketing team, manages the more than 7000 references in stock. In collaboration with our laboratory, it works on motifs, supports, colour, handle and the design of grains. A study is carried out on the aspects, structure, and technical and physical characteristics of our coated fabrics. Everyone works in a spirit of constant innovation. This complementarity also makes it possible to meet the creative, exclusive and very technical needs of our strategic accounts.

The laboratory: an interface between creation and production

Going from designing a collection to producing it obviously involves the development of colours, materials and aspects that will be approved by the design office. The lab carries out simulations and several precise adjustments before products are launched on an industrial scale. We can also develop concepts in close collaboration with our customers in order to develop their own products, thus starting new projects and integrating their specifications. We can also adapt our collections to personalise them for our customers.

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