... Colour ... Looking for meaning

Red, blue, green, yellow, orange… What meaning do we give colours today ?


The hottest colour. Reds generally steer us towards dynamic and positive values: energy, love, passion, power, etc. They are mystical or flamboyant, deep or vibrant, often heightened by a touch of “aubergine”, violet or fuchsia. It is also the colour of danger, a warning, forbidden matters or revolution.


It is often used for products with a virile connotation: sports, automobiles, etc. Or for consumer products that are purchased on impulse.


The colour most appreciated worldwide. It is the colour of oceans and skies, of water, air and space, and incites us to travel and escape. Blues are often consensual and appeasing, do not shock and are everyone’s choice.

Widely used for corporate visual identities, blues often represent banks, and the technological, IT and aeronautics areas. They provide a feeling of softness and trust. In the food and beverage industry, they are synonymous with refreshing and frozen goods.


The colour of harmony, hope and luck.

Today, greens are colours dedicated to new energies, health and well-being. Widely used to symbolise ecology and eco-responsibility, they take us straight to nature and calm, rest and appeasement.


The colour of the sun and radiance. It provides an impression of heat and light. It invites you to be creative and fulfilled. It is also the colour of joy and good humour.


Often used in visual communication to represent the food and beverage or tourism industries and travelling to “sunny” destinations.


This is the colour of energy and action. Orange is stimulating, welcoming and reassuring at the same time. It symbolises joy, vitality, good health and optimism.


Widely used in the areas of sports, keeping in shape or fitness, it suggests creativity. We also find it in the area of sales and mobility.